Professional. Creative. Reliable. Innovative. Flexible. Fun!
These are just a few words that come to mind when asked to describe the Corporate Vibrations Team. I met Dinesh at IncentiveWorks in 2016 and am so grateful I did! We work with numerous corporations worldwide and Dinesh and his team have the unique ability to just KNOW how to get the party started and keep the dancefloor moving.

In the planning stages, Dinesh is extremely accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with. He asks the right questions to understand each client and their specific needs to ensure he is providing the service that best suits them. When budget allows, Corporate Vibrations steps it up with unique and innovative concepts to enhance the audio visual and overall guest experience. I did an event last October for a client who had been running the same program in various countries for over 20 years and she was shocked at how Corporate Vibrations had this international group of 400 on the dancefloor within 5 minutes of dessert finishing!

Music plays such a vital role in all events and Corporate Vibration’s ability to understand each and every group gives me the confidence to hire them every time. I highly recommend Dinesh and his team – you will not be disappointed (and you may even find yourself wanting to bust out a few moves on the dance floor ;)!

Cantrav Services Inc., Tiffany Drennan - Senior Mnager, Program Operations